Social Media Accounts

GOLDWIN Group’s Social Media Policy

At the GOLDWIN Group we believe that Social Media serves as an important forum for communicating directly with our customers.
While GOLDWIN has established its Code of Conduct as the basic principles that we must observe in order to fulfill our social responsibility and be a trustworthy company, we have also set out the following policies for Social Media:

  • 1. Learn and observe the Code of Conduct and internal and external regulations/rules
    When using Social Media, we will abide by the law and the GOLDWIN Group’s Code of Conduct and always exercise self-restraint so as not to engage in any conduct that may deviate from social norms. We endeavor to communicate with our customers with sincerity, fairness, and impartiality.
  • 2. Be aware of the characteristics of Social Media and participate in Social Media accordingly
    ・We will be respectful of opinions outside the company and be willing to listen.
    ・We understand that an indefinite number of users have access to the information posted on the Internet, that information cannot be undone once it is “shared,” and that a comment made by an employee or any other member of the GOLDWIN Group may have a bearing on the entire Group. Therefore we will always act responsibly.

To Social Media users

  • Please be aware that comments made by employees or other members of the GOLDWIN Group on Social Media accounts other than the Group’s official account do not represent the official view of the Group.
  • Any comment made by a member of the GOLDWIN Group who does not disclose his/her corporate title is not an official comment by the Group. GOLDWIN’s official comment is made only when the user identifies his/her title within the GOLDWIN Group.
  • While employees and other members of the GOLDWIN Group are always aware and respectful of the fact that comments made on Social Media reflect a wide diversity of practice and values, the GOLDWIN Group will reject comments that are discriminatory or slanderous based on sexual or racial grounds, derogatory of specific individuals, obscene, or in violation of basic human rights in any other way.
  • Please be advised that the GOLDWIN Group reserves the right to restrict the publication of content that invades the privacy of others or of incendiary discussions on political or religious issues.