Message from the President /
Corporate Philosophy

Message from the President

Build a healthier, happier tomorrow through the power of sports.
At GOLDWIN, we are committed to living “Sports First.”

Since our establishment, “Encouraging a healthier, meaningful life through sports”
has always been the philosophy of GOLDWIN.
In 2012, our 62nd year, we launched a new slogan
to express our love and passion for sports: “Sports First.”

“Sports First” means to make sports a priority. To be deeply committed and engaged. To believe in its power.
Sports help us lead a healthy and fun-filled life, build an enriching tomorrow, and reach across borders and cultures around the globe.

We feel that our belief in sports will help define our goals and paths forward: to improve the quality of people’s lives by putting Sports First into action; and to provide daily support to all sports enthusiasts, from professional athletes to recreational runners.
GOLDWIN strives to be a company that offers good physical and mental health through an athletic lifestyle. We resolve to fulfill our mission through a strong, efficient, and clean management style.

Akio Nishida

Corporate Philosophy

Encouraging a healthier,
meaningful life through sports