Site Management Policy


Thank you for having access on the web site of Goldwin ( hereinafter, “SITE”) managing and operating by Goldwin., Inc ( hereinafter, “COMPANY”). Please read the terms and conditions below ( hereinafter, “Terms & Conditions”) before accessing on SITE as our customer ( hereinafter collectively, “CUSTOMER”) signify the CUSTOMER’s assent to Terms & Conditions . If the CUSTOMER does not agree to Terms & Conditions, please refrain from accessing SITE. With respect to necessary and appropriate equipment, software, and communication tool to use SITE, CUSTOMER will need to prepare them at user’s risk and expense. COMPANY will not be involved in any preparation and way to access internet.


All contents copyright of texts, photos, videos, music, logos, designs, layout, etc. on SITE attribute to COMPANY or the right holder who consented to use of COMPANY. These copyrights are protected international copyright laws, international treaties, and the others laws. Without the prior written consent of COMPANY, COMPANY will not allow CUSTOMER to download, copy, upload, modify, display, delivery, transmission, license, deletion, sale, publication, republication, adaptation, etc. all or part of the content on SITE in any purpose and manner; provided, however, that CUSTOMER may download, browse, copy, print, keeping the display of copyright, patent right, trademark right, and the others intellectual property rights, unless CUSTOMER uses the content within a limited scope for the CUSTOMER’s personal, and non-commercial home use, except the modification of the content or the use of the content for any other purpose, the use of any such content on any other website or networked that computer environment is prohibited. In the event that CUSTOMER downloads software from SITE, the software, including any files, images incorporated in or generated by the software, and data accompanying the software ( hereinafter collectively, “SOFTWARE”) are licensed to the CUSTOMER by COMPANY which retains full and complete title to SOFTWARE, and all intellectual property rights. CUSTOMER may not redistribute, sell, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble or otherwise reduce SOFTWARE to a human-perceivable form. COMPANY or its subsidiary companies will not disclaim rights of Goldwin trademarks and the names of Goldwin products, function, and services on packaging, promotional materials, advertising, Web sites, and other collateral.


COMPANY is pleased to hear from CUSTOMER and welcome CUSTOMER’s comments regarding COMPANY, our products and our services, etc. Unfortunately, however, COMPANY policy does not allow it to accept or consider creative ideas, suggestions and/or materials other than it has specifically requested. COMPANY hopes to avoid the possibility of future misunderstandings and any other trouble that COMPANY’s ideas developed by COMPANY and CUSTOMER’s original suggestions might seem to be similar as it happens. Accordingly, COMPANY regretfully must ask that CUSTOMER does not send COMPANY any original creative materials such as planning, character, ideas, and original artwork. In spite of requesting them from Customer, if CUSTOMER sent COMPANY any creative suggestions, creative materials, etc.( hereinafter collectively, “ INFORMATION”), INFORMATION shall be deemed and shall remain the property of COMPANY. None of INFORMATION shall be subject to any confidentiality obligation on the part of COMPANY, and COMPANY shall not be liable for any use or disclosure of any INFORMATION. COMPANY shall exclusively own all of the rights which now will be known or will exist hereafter, and shall be entitled to unrestricted use of INFORMATION for any purpose whatsoever, commercial or otherwise, without limitation of the foregoing and compensation to the provider of INFORMATION.


Please agree not to use SITE for any of the following acts in SITE:

  1. Using words of obscene or violent, or Action of obscene, threatening, or violent
  2. Infringing the legal right, including the right of privacy and publicity, of COMPANY and third party
  3. Causing any damage or disadvantage to COMPANY or third party
  4. Disturbing public order
  5. Criminal act
  6. Uploading or distributing any third parties’ private information without prior written consent of such third parties
  7. Using SITE for any commercial purpose
  8. Defaming, disgracing or libeling others
  9. Uploading files that contain viruses, corrupted files that may damage the operation of others’ computers.
  10. Any other activities that are unlawful or prohibited by others laws.


This contract pursuant to Terms & Conditions is effective until terminated by either party. CUSTOMER may terminate this contract at any time by deleting all materials obtained from SITE, all related documentations, all copies, and installations via SITE, whether the CUSTOMER made them under Terms & Conditions or not. COMPANY may immediately terminate this contract between CUSTOMER without notice of COMPANY if COMPANY evaluated that the CUSTOMER fails to comply with Terms & Conditions of this contract. In the event of the foregoing, the CUSTOMER shall delete all materials obtained from SITE and all other site, all copies thereof, whether the CUSTOMER made them under Terms & Conditions or not.


COMPANY has managed and operated SITE at all times carefully. However, COMPANY does not make any representation and warranty relating to the following things that SITE is correct, accurate, useful, trusted, adapts the purpose of CUSTOMER’s use, does not infringe anyone’s right, safe that each function is not uninterrupted, error-free, fix bug, not uploading files including viruses and the others harmful components on SITE and/or in the server. COMPANY is not responsible for any damage or loss that CUSTOMER or third party sustained from the access, the use, the unused on SITE. COMPANY is not responsible for any damage or loss such as computer system damage or data loss, software problem, hardware problem, etc. occurred by CUSTOMER’s use on SITE. Please acknowledge beforehand that the information contained on SITE is the information at the published time and it may contain information that is different from the current situation, including information discontinued products.

COMPANY may change the contents of SITE and may suspend and discontinue the operation of SITE without any prior notice. COMPANY is not responsible for any CUSTOMER’s dame caused by INFORMATION change or the suspension or the discontinuation of SITE


The Customer is responsible for all claims, liability, damage, reasonable expenses occurred by the access, the use, and the disuse to SITE. In the event that the foregoing things was occurred damages to COMPANY, its officers, employees, agency, and/or others, the Customer will indemnify or compensate the damages to COMPANY and/or its officers and/or employees and/or agency


The Third parties’ web site linked to or from SITE are independently operated and maintained by such third parties and are not under the control and/or supervision of COMPANY. Accordingly COMPANY would not be responsible for any damage or loss caused by the use of the linked site and SOFTWARE, advertising, products, services, etc. Nothing contained in SITE shall be construed the contents of the linked sites, and any products and services, appeared or provided via those linked sites as a certain recommendation or endorsement by COMPANY. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to constitute a certain partnership, etc. between the operators of the linked sites and COMPANY.


COMPANY recommends to use the following browsers in SITE. If CUSTOMER will try using by unrecommended browsers, the unrecommended browsers may not operate on SITE.

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Internet Explorer 11 or later
Latest version of Edge
Latest version of Firefox
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Latest version of Safari
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Latest version of Chrome


【Android】 *Android OS 4.4.4 or later
Latest version of Chrome

【iOS】 *iOS 9 or later
Latest version of Safari


The use of SITE and Interpretation and application of Terms & Conditions shall be governed by the laws of Japan. In addition, unless otherwise stated, COMPANY and CUTSOMER agree hereto that all lawsuits caused the use of SITE hereunder shall be exclusively brought in the Tokyo District Court of Japan.


The original version of this Site Management Policy has been prepared in Japanese. In case of any discrepancy between English and Japanese versions, the Japanese version will have priority over the English version.