Mike Basich founder of 241 has been passionate about snowboarding since 1985 and has been involved in the growth of snowboarding since then. He has been pushing outerwear, along with his Self-Portrait and the lifestyle for 3 decades. Mike continues to call Donner Summit California home where he first learned to snowboard.

In 1991, Mike began to express his work through silk-screening as one of his art forms. It was the beginning of 241. He started to create outerwear that focused on comfort in snow environments. In that era, snowboarding grew rapidly and Mike was traveling all over the world competing and making strong impressions with his riding and style, but Mike kepted searching further pass the contest scene to find his true love for snowboarding. He found interested in freeriding, as when he first started snowboarding. Mike began to express himself the most with untouched terrain. It was a trigger to keep exploring and pushing snowboarding. He has become a pioneer of POV, self-portraits and free form artist who made Area 241, a dream playground for any snowboarder who loves to dream and be creative with the mountains.

Mike Basich has experienced snowboarding all over the world, and his ideas are born from his various experiences. He always mixes modern new technologies and materials to create new and confortable outerwear. He continues to create clothes for a life style he lives, loves and wants to share with people, from the function, to the graphics to the small details of 241 is always from 100% experience of being in the mountains. This is what makes 241 unique and fitting for those who love the out doors.

Est. 1991 from Experience