Basic approaches to CSR

By practicing the core principle of “Sports First,” GOLDWIN is committed to promoting well-being of our society. We strive to put our beliefs into action by carrying out the five pillars of Corporate Social Responsibility: transparent management (Open), customer satisfaction (Fair), employee empowerment (Passion), community outreach (Social), and care for the environment and eco systems (Clean).

Corporate philosophy

GOLDWIN believes that sports have the power to build a healthier and happier tomorrow. Since our foundation in 1950, we have pursued our corporate mission to “promote a rewarding lifestyle through sports.” The company is now more committed than ever to this mission and will strive to improve people’s quality of life with sports.

Basic policies on CSR

GOLDWIN strives to implement it s CSR based on the following core principles put into action with respect and passion for sports.

  • Be a highly transparent corporation by implementing an open management style expected of a respectable company;
  • Pay meticulous attention to detail at every stage of production, from manufacturing to sales, until the product reaches our customer;
  • Create a healthy and comfortable workplace environment that is productive and enjoyable to all employees;
  • Make contribution to our community and society through sports;

We implement these measures to protect our environment and ecosystems.

CSR framework

We have established the CSR Committee, where GOLDWIN’s senior executives and representatives of our affiliate companies discuss issues relating to CSR. The basic CSR activities and approaches set by the CSR Committee are communicated in depth to all employees of the GOLDWIN Group, and specific programs are implemented at both departmental and individual levels.

* Due to environmental considerations, this report is released only through the company website and not in printed media.