Toward a society,
where everyone can equally enjoy sports

At GOLDWIN, we believe a harmonious society is one in which everyone — from top athletes to the disabled, from the next generation leaders to seniors — has an equal opportunity to enjoy sports and physical activities. We are committed to being a pillar in bringing about such a society through promotion of an active, lively lifestyle.

At GOLDWIN, we believe a harmonious society is one in which everyone — from top athletes to the disabled, from the next generation leaders to seniors — has an equal opportunity to enjoy sports and physical activities. We are committed to being a pillar in bringing about such a society through promotion of an active, lively lifestyle.

Nurturing the next generation

GOLDWIN contributes to developing the next generation of athletes by supporting various sports events for children. We also strive to promote family-oriented events where not only children but the whole family can enjoy sports.

The North Face Kids Nature School: Families learn together in nature

As in past years, this year GOLDWIN sponsored various The North Face Kids Nature School events for children and families to give them an opportunity to appreciate nature and learn how to live in harmony with it.

The 9th Mammoth Powwow Music Camp 2016, an outdoor activity event for elementary school children and their parents, was held on May 14 and 15 at PICA Fuji Saiko Campsite. In the event, we hosted workshop about bonfire which all participants enjoyed the real-life experiences.

Our annual Shin-etsu Long Trail Family Walk was held on August 20 and 21, which participating families walk the renowned 80-km Shin-etsu Trail from the summit of Mt. Madarao to Wakui, Nagano Prefecture for two days.

On October 8, THE NORTH FACE Akishima Outdoor Village store in Tokyo, held an Outdoor Education Day 2016 in partnership with Women’s Park, a web-based support network for mothers raising young children. The goal of the event is to nurture young kids’ survival instinct, and many families enjoyed the day in the outdoor village while learning useful tips for camping and outdoor activities.

In total, GOLDWIN sponsored 15 nature school events in fiscal 2016 such as the following:

  • Family Trail Run on April 29, in Iiyama Hakusan Forest Park, Kanagawa Prefecture
  • Kids Nature School: Kids Explore on May 21, in Kabutoyama Forest Park, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Kids Trekking in Kurotake, on June 25, in Kurotake/Koorigaike, Shizuoka Prefecture
  • Kids Seaside Explore on August 14, in Okura Seaside Park, Hyogo Prefecture
  • Family Rogaining on September 10, Mt. Kono area, Osaka Prefecture
  • Family Trekking on October 22, on Mt. Ishiwari, Yamanashi Prefecture

Rock-climbing event for families

Another The North Face Kids Nature School event was rock-climbing for families, held on November 5 on Mt. Mizugaki, Yamanashi Prefecture. Participants received lessons on rock-climbing from Mr. Yuji Hirayama, a top professional free climber in Japan, while enjoying the time spent together learning cool tips and having fun surrounded by beautiful nature.

Stronger family ties through tennis

Our “ellesse Tennis Club with Windsor Racket Shop” held a “Family Ties Tennis” event on May 16th, at the rooftop park of the Tamagawa Takashimaya Shopping Center in Tokyo to encourage families to play tennis together and tighten their bonds. Kids six to eight years old who had never played tennis before enjoyed lessons on footwork and handling the ball by Ms. Yurika Sema, a former professional tennis player.

GOLDWIN Junior Challenge Golf Tournament: A stepping-stone for aspiring young golfers

Every year, the GOLDWIN Golf Club hosts the Junior Challenge Golf Tournament for aspiring young golfers where they can polish their golf skills such as rules, manners and etiquette through actual play. The 7th tournament was held on July 27, 2016, with 29 junior golfers averaging 12.3 years of age completing 18 holes of play.

Supporting para-sports

GOLDWIN has been actively supporting para-sports and has been trying to increase awareness among the general public, with the ultimate goal of helping create a harmonious society where everyone with different capabilities can live a healthy life together. Toward this goal, we provide equal support to “doers,” “observers” and “supporters” of para-sports so that all will have an equal opportunity to enjoy sports.

Chair ski trial: Promoting understanding of para-sports

Deaf skiers were invited to compete for the first time at the 18th GOLDWIN NASTARRACE Youth Japan Cup, at Naeba Ski Resort on March 17, 2017. Before the competition, para-alpine skiers on chair skis challenged the course. In conjunction with the competition, we held a chair ski trial event to promote understanding of para-sports. Many children as well as GOLDWIN staff and their family members who participated in the race were experiencing chair-skiing for the first time.

Communication aid for deaf skiers

As part of our para-sports support, at the 18th GOLDWIN NASTARRACE Youth Japan Cup, we prepared the Communication Aid for Deaf Skiers. It was the first time deaf skiers were participating in the competition, but they were able to communicate with the staff and other skiers smoothly thanks to the brochure, which contained common phrases and pictures.

Takayuki Suzuki gives a talk on para-sports at elementary schools

Takayuki Suzuki, a GOLDWIN employee and Paralympic medalist who is now training in the UK, gave a talk on para-sports and Paralympics at two elementary schools in Tokyo. 240 4th graders and 6th graders at Kokubunji Daisan Elementary School and 250 4th to 6th graders at Meguro Nakane Elementary School listened to the lecture with great interest and asked many questions.

“It was nice to see that, when asked who watched both the Rio Olympics and Paralympics, many children raised their hands. I think they are now more interested in para-sports and they learned how they can better interact with persons with disabilities in their daily lives,” Suzuki commented after the event.

Cheering Takayuki Suzuki on a live screen

On September 15, 2016, 120 GOLDWIN employees watched and cheered for Takayuki Suzuki, who competed at the Rio Paralympic Swim Game, on a live screen set at our office.

Supporting “supporters”: Volunteering at Wheelchair Rugby Championships

As an official partner of the Japanese Para-Sports Association, GOLDWIN employees volunteered to set up the indoor court at the 2017 Japan Para-Wheelchair Rugby Championships. Since signing the partnership agreement, we have been volunteering at the event hosted by the association for three years, and this year, 12 employees including 9 new-hired helped place protective sheets over the entire arena floor and assemble the hardwood floor for the court. Volunteering at these events has greatly increased understanding of para-sports among our employees.

Contribution to local communities

We take it as our social responsibility to contribute to the development of local communities in Toyama, where our company originated, by promoting and participating in various activities, especially in sports events. The Toyama Marathon, which started two years ago, is one such event, and we support it as a gold partner. Through our newly established GOLDWIN Nishida Tosaku Sports Promotion Memorial Foundation, we are committed to enhancing our efforts in community contibutions.

GOLDWIN Nishida Tosaku Sports Promotion Memorial Foundation

The GOLDWIN Nishida Tosaku Sports Promotion Memorial Foundation was established in May 2017 with our president, Akio Nishida, as its chair. The Foundation has three major goals: to support para-sports, to assist the development of the next generation of athletes, and to promote sports in communities in Toyama. Through the Foundation, we will further engage in social contribution through sports so as to achieve our ultimate goal of helping to create a society where everybody can equally enjoy sports and live in harmony.

The 18th Prince Tomohito’s Hokuriku Charity Golf Tournament

The Prince Tomohito’s Hokuriku Charity Golf Tournament aims to promote a greater understanding of welfare programs for the disabled. GOLDWIN has been a sponsor of the tournament every year, and on October 13, 2016 we returned as a special sponsor, sending our staff to help run the 18th tournament at GOLDWIN Golf Club in Oyabe City, Toyama.

Part of the event’s proceeds is donated to welfare groups and organizations in our local Hokuriku region, and the funds have been well-spent on operating expenses, purchase of supplies and equipment and renovation of facilities, to name a few.

This year, 120 golfers mainly from the Hokuriku region participated and made donations in proportion to their score over four short holes. The donations and the proceeds of the tournament were presented to Plus One, a non-profit organization.

Gold partner of Toyama Marathon 2016

On October 30, 2016, GOLDWIN sponsored the Toyama Marathon 2016, held in our company’s birthplace, Toyama. As a gold partner, we provided support in various ways, including supplying clothing for the staff. Forty of our employees participated as volunteers, handing out water and sports drinks to runners at water stations set up by the organizer. Some of them even set up their own stations to give glucose tablets to runners for an energy boost.