The Miura Everest 2013 Project Climbing Schedule Now Finalized


GOLDWIN is an official supplier of the Miura Everest 2013 Project and provides the team with The North Face climbing wear and gear.
Now the Miura Everest 2013 Project has set the schedule to attack the summit of Mt. Everest. It is forecasted that a cyclone will hit the area on May 16, but the team plans to leave the Base Camp in early morning, weather permitting.

The summit schedule is as follows:
Thursday, May 16: BC/C1 6050
Friday, May 17: C1/C2 6500
Saturday, May 18: C2 6500
Sunday, May 19: C2 6500
Monday, May 20: C2/C3 7000
Tuesday, May 21: C3/C3′ (Pistol Rock) 7530
Wednesday, May 22: C3/C4 (South Col) 7980
Thursday, May 23: C4/C5 8500
Friday, May 24: C5/summit/C4 8848
Saturday, May 25: C4/C2 6500
Sunday, May 26: C2/BC 5300

Progress will be posted as soon as it comes in.
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Yuichiro Miura after a walk on an icefall yesterday.