The Miura Everest 2013 Project to Depart the Base Camp


GOLDWIN is an official supplier of the Miura Everest 2013 Project and provides the team with The North Face climbing wear and gear.
Members of the Project left the base camp at 05:15 am local time today (May 16, 2013), marking the start of the final leg of their journey to the summit of Mount Everest.

The summit team consists of four climbers, namely Yuichiro Miura, Gota Miura, Hiroyuki Kuraoka, and Kazuya Hiraide. Dr. Kazue Oshiro and Takuya Mitoro joined the team as supporting members at C2 (6,400 m), the base camp for the final attack. They were accompanied by seven Sherpas.

Comments by Yuichiro Miura prior to leaving the Base Camp (04:30 am local time)
I feel better than ever. I completed my acclimatization stage and am ready to go as high as 6,000 m without oxygen.
We have more camps set up in this expedition. I am confident that we won’t have much trouble thanks to the short intervals between camps.
As far as my physical conditions are concerned, I feel like I am in Tokyo or Sapporo—I can even run around. The weather is better than forecasted and the day is getting longer. This expedition has the best and the most stable weather so far in my experiences with Mt. Everest.
In our final attack to the summit, we will aim to reach the top early in the morning from the southern face. The Base Camp I am staying right now is so warm that I don’t need any gloves. My first goal is to clear the Icefall, one of the deathtraps of the Everest, in about seven hours under good conditions. By doing so I hope to minimize physical fatigue. I will do my best.

Thursday, May 16: BC/C1 6050
Friday, May 17: C1/C2 6500
Saturday, May 18: C2 6500
Sunday, May 19: C2 6500
Monday, May 20: C2/C3 7000
Tuesday, May 21: C3/C3′ (Pistol Rock) 7530
Wednesday, May 22: C3/C4 (South Col) 7980
Thursday, May 23: C4/C5 8500
Friday, May 24: C5/summit/C4 8848
Saturday, May 25: C4/C2 6500
Sunday, May 26: C2/BC 5300

Please see below for comments by the other members on the night before their departure from the Base Camp:

Mr. Gota Miura:
This Everest expedition is Yuichiro Miura’s challenge at age eighty. This could be a historical event if successful. I will do my best to support him but have no intention of doing more than that.
Do what you can do and never overexert yourself—this is the lesson I learned from the last expedition.
Tomorrow will mark the first step of the long journey toward the summit.
I am looking forward to enjoying the scenery with my father and planting each step forward with the weight of hope and expectations of friends and supporters in Japan and the other team members so that we will succeed in standing at the top of the world (from Gota’s journal on May 15).
Mr. Kuraoka, expedition leader:
Finally we will depart tomorrow morning. If we are able to start tomorrow, the plan is to attack the summit on the 24th. Hooray! I will do my best.

Photographer Hiraide:
I’m looking forward to coming back with a real-time record of how Mr. Yuichiro Miura faces and attacks Mt. Everest.

Dr. Kazue Oshiro:
All climbing members, including Mr. Miura, have prepared their physical condition very well. I’m psyching myself up for the departure now!
Dr. Kazue Oshiro

The official website of the expedition is also available below: