The Miura Everest 2013 Project Arrives in South Col


GOLDWIN is an official supplier of the Miura Everest 2013 Project and provides the team with The North Face climbing wear and gear.

The members of the project arrived in South Col at 3 pm on May 21, all safe and sound.

“I feel great—even better than when I climbed this mountain for the first time at age 37,” said Yuichiro Miura, whose blood pressure measured at 146/105, and when using supplemental oxygen, blood oxygen level recorded 97%, a normal rate at sea level. “At 5 pm, we did what we’ve been really looking forward to: having sushi rolls at 8,000 m high. All members of the team, including Gota, Kuraoka, Hiraide, and the Sherpas, are doing well. It was a little cloudy in the afternoon, with the gust wind at about 10 m/s. But the sun came out during dinner.”

The photos were sent by Gota around 10 pm on the 21st Japan time.

Tomorrow the team is scheduled to leave at 8 am, heading toward C5 at 8,500 m. The arrival is scheduled around 13:00 local time.

Please visit the Project’s official site for members’ voice recordings and daily blogs from the mountain:

Courtesy of Miura Dolphins