The Perfect Companion for Your Cold-Weather Activities : GOLDWIN’s New Kodenshi Wear for Winter Sports

Perfect for winter sports: Kodenshi wear using far infrared, heat-retaining material.
Compression wear superb in perspiration and odor control.

GOLDWIN Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo/President: Akio Nishida/First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111) is pleased to introduce new long sleeve shirts and long tights for winter sports from C3fit, its high-performance compression wear brand, starting at the end of November. The new wear uses Kodenshi, a far infrared, heat-retaining fabric.

Kodenshi absorbs far infrared radiation, or body heat released by the cyclist, and redirects it back inside the wear to keep the cyclist warm. Instead of adding heat, the Kodenshi fabric utilizes the cyclist’s own body heat to provide optimal and constant warmth and comfort for the cyclist.

Heat naturally induces sweat, which tends to stay trapped inside wear during winter. The Kodenshi wear uses a moisture-wicking, quick-drying material to prevent the athlete from getting chilled from sweat. Its Maxifresh Plus FX reduces odors associated with perspiration and aging.

C3fit’s completely original, made-in-Japan 3-D design offers a pleasant and comfortable fit for the body and greatly enhances efficiency of the rider’s motion by minimizing muscle vibration.

The new collection is a perfect companion for a full spectrum of sports during the cold season, including golfing, running, hiking, winter sports and many more.

Key products
■C3fit Kodenshi Thermal V Neck Long Sleeves (Men’s)
Item Number: 3F03304
Price: 12,600 yen (including tax)
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Color: Black (K, *photo)

■C3fit Kodenshi Thermal Long Tights (Men’s)
Item Number: 3F03324
Price: 14,700 yen (including tax)
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Color: Black (K, *photo)
*Front and calf-side zippers

Key Features:
1) Keeps you warm and comfortable with Kodenshi’s infrared radiation.
2) Enhances the efficiency of the rider’s movement by minimizing vibration.
3) Maxifresh Plus FX’s antimicrobial and deodorant performance reduces unpleasant odor.
4) Reduces chills from sweating by moisture-wicking and quick-drying performance.
5) Superior UV protection (UPF 40; UV blocking rate of 90% or more)
6) Highly elastic material for easy mobility

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*Kodenshi Website