Get Ready for the Big Swing! Boost Your Blood Circulation with C3fit Knee-High Golf Socks

New knee-high golf socks work like compression stockings (general medical device) to stimulate blood circulation
Transform your golf with good footwork

C3fit, a high compression wear brand marketed by GOLDWIN Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo / President: Akio Nishida / First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111), will be launching new knee-high golf socks in late June. The socks are constructed with the same graduated compression technology as is used in a compression stocking, a certified general medical device in Japan. Graduated compression applies targeted compression to effectively enhance blood circulation.
Golfers unknowingly overwork their legs during the game, and the fatigue impacts their late-round play. Taking good care of their feet and legs will help golfers play in their optimal condition for the entire day and enhance their on-course experience.
C3fit took this idea further and in the fall of 2013 launched its proprietary golf socks, which have been a huge hit with golfers. They provide firm support for the three arches of the foot to reduce impact and strain on the sole and facilitate a stable address position. The socks also minimize moisture inside the shoes and bring added comfort.
In addition to these basic features, the new knee-high socks also boast graduated compression, the design used by the compression stocking, a certified General Medical Device, to stimulate blood circulation. The socks are effective not just during the play but also for maintaining your body in the best condition before and after the play and ensuring comfort for the entire 18-hole play.

Product description:

■C3fit Golf Knee-high Socks (general medical device)
Item Number: 3F64162
Price: 3,500 yen plus tax
Color: Charcoal gray (CH)(photo), black (K), navy (N), navy stripe (NB)
Sizes: 23S, 23M, 25S, 25M, 25L
Materials: Wool, polyester, polypropylene, nylon, cotton, acryl, polyurethane

1) Stimulates blood circulation*
Applies graduated compression, exerting the strongest pressure on the ankle and gradually reducing it to the calf to stimulate blood circulation.
* Works in the same manner as a compression stocking, a certified General Medical Device

2) An X-shaped band in the sole (arch support construction)
Special fiber is used for the X-shaped band in the sole to provide added support. The construction supports the transversal arch and two longitudinal arches to absorb impact while providing a propulsive spring-like force to facilitate movement.

3) Merino wool is used for the main material.
The hygroscopic nature of wools minimizes moisture in the shoe.

4) Durable toe area
Wear-resistant fiber is used for the toe area to enhance durability.

5) Polypropylene used in the sole
The pile fabric with superb cushioning performance and high water repellency keeps the sole sweat-free.

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