THE NORTH FACE launches “UNLIMITED”collection in Japan

THE NORTH FACE launches “UNLIMITED”collection in Japan

Goldwin, Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo / President: Akio Nishida / First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111) is pleased to announce the launch in Fall 2015 of the “UNLIMITED” collection by THE NORTH FACE for Japan. Sales of the new collection of urban daily apparel infused with outdoor apparel functionality (men’s, women’s and accessories) have begun in phases in fall in Japan.

The “UNLIMITED” collection by THE NORTH FACE is composed of 2 collections founded on the principles of functionality and rationality fostered through extensive experience of developing offerings for the outdoors scene. The “Departure” collection features a range of simple products suited for travelling, including for business, and the “Shelter” collection features products useful for times such as when there is a downpour in the city.

A movie will be released on the collection’s special website on October 1st. (There will also be a special exhibition at THE NORTH FACE Futako-Tamagawa store starting on October 1st)

Based on highly functional clothing for the outdoors and made especially for daily wear. The subdued color scheme make the items suitable for travelling, especially for business occasions. The functional jacket is perfect for fieldwork during trips. The items make traveling well possible with minimal luggage.

Based on highly functional clothing for the outdoors and made for daily wear in the city to handle occasions such as rain and cold weather. The collection specializes in water repellent and water proof functions, to combat typhoons and torrential downpours that often occur from the end of summer to the beginning of autumn, and also windproof and thermal items for the winter. The collection combines fashion and protection, with every item maximizing its effectiveness in protecting the explorer.

【Feature products】
From the “Departure” collection

Item Number:NP61554
Price:37,000 yen +tax
Colors:(CH) Charcoal,(WT) Walnut, (K) Black, (CF) Woodland
Size: S、M、L、XL(Men’s sizes)
Material: ALPHADRY HYVENT(3.5 layer)
Features: The ALPHADRY HYVENT coats fits right into the city environment and is also very useful when travelling. ALPHADRY is used for the third and a half layer, absorbing and dispersing any moisture that gets trapped inside.

■THE NORTH FACE Trekker Light Gore-Cap
Item Number:NN41551
Price:7,200 yen +tax
Colors: (BL) Blue Ribbon,(K) Black, (PY) Pache Grey
Material: GORE-TEX MicroGrid Backer (3 layers)
Features: Waterproof hat made of the very waterproof and moisture permeable GORE-TEX. It has the functions required for the outdoors and a simple design that is suitable for the city.

■THE NORTH FACE  Complete Travel Kit
Item Number: NM81574
Price: 9,200 yen +tax
Color: (N) Navy
1) Water repellent case: 10×18×12.5cm
2) Electronic device case:10×18×12.5cm
3) Antibacterial deodorant case:10×25×18cm
4) Mesh case: 10×36×25cm
5) Nylon case: 12×50×36cm
Usage examples:
<1) Water repellent case> can be used to hold personal care items such as toothbrush and toothpaste
<2) Electronic device case> comes with padding so can be used to hold electronic devices.
<3) Antibacterial deodorant case> is recommended for holding underwear and socks.
<4) Mesh case> can be used to hold items of clothing that have already been worn when travelling.
<5) Nylon case> is a good size to hold items of clothing like shirts and parkas. It’s an organizer kit that can be stored as one when not in use.

From the “Shelter” collection

■THE NORTH FACE WS Brooks Range Parka
Item Number: ND91551
Price: 74,000 yen +tax
Colors: (K) Black, (EB) Empire Blue
Size: S、M、L、XL(Men’s size)
Material: Bay Head Cloth WINDSTOPPER (2 layers)
Features:The iconic Brooks Range down parka for extreme environments is being revived in this collection. It’s a hybrid parka that uses photoelectric down for the WINDSTOPPER, while the design retains its original classic look.

■THE NORTH FACE WS Down Shell Coat
Item Number:NDW91553
Price:52,000 yen +tax
Colors: (K) Black, (W) White, (GG) Graphite Grey
Size: S, M, L,XL(Women’s size)
Material: WINDSTOPPER Insulated Shell (2 layers)
Features: Long down shell coat reaches below the knee. The outer layer uses WINDSTOPPER, the inner filling uses photoelectric down with thermal infrared properties.

■THE NORTH FACE WS Zepher Shell Skirt 
Item Number: NYW81552
Price: 22,000 yen +tax
Colors: (K) Black,(GG) Graphite Grey
Size: S, M, L, XL(Women’s size)
Material: WINDSTOPPER Insulated Shell (2 layers)
Features: The outer layer uses WINDSTOPPER, and the inside skirt uses a combination of water resistant and ultra light PRIMALOFT and photoelectric down with thermal infrared properties.

The North Face 
Launched in 1966 in San Francisco, California. Since then it has established itself as one of the most trusted outdoor brands in the world, constantly pushing the technological envelope to new frontiers. Its signature lineups include high-end sleeping bags made with an abundance of high-quality goose down; Sierra Parkas, the origin of all down parkas; and Oval Intention, the world’s first dome tent. Each of these is a testament to its relentless pursuit of high quality and performance.
Goldwin holds the trademark rights for THE NORTH FACE in Japan and The Republic of Korea, and has a strategic partnership with THE NORTH FACE Inc. (US) to develop the brand’s business in these countries.

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