A unique store that will help you keep your body in a natural, optimal state


Grand Opening on April 29, 2016
A unique store that will help you keep your body in a natural, optimal state

GOLDWIN Inc. (HQ: Shibuya, Tokyo/President: Akio Nishida/First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange: 8111) is pleased to announce the grand opening of NEUTRALWORKS. BY GOLDWIN on April 29, 2016 at Gaien-mae, Tokyo, the location of some of Japan’s leading athletic facilities including the future Olympic stadium. The aim of NEUTRALWORKS. is to help you live an active and healthy lifestyle around the clock by keeping your body and mind in a natural.
With its sights on the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and beyond, GOLDWIN is now introducing a new store offering athletic goods and services superb in both quality and design. The Gaien-mae location is an ideal destination for all sports enthusiasts from Japan and overseas.

For its new store, GOLDWIN welcomes the expertise of Dr. Norinaga Shimizu, Doctor of Medicine and Professor Emeritus at Osaka Prefecture University, who has dedicated himself for many years to the research and development of products related to preventive medicine and sleep management. Under his direction, NEUTRALWORKS. will serve as a specialty store that showcases attractive and functional products, while providing high-quality services and useful information. The new store aspires to help you live a healthy, active lifestyle at all times by restoring the natural balance of your body.

Restoring the natural balance of your body means ensuring that you can achieve peak performance naturally by developing healthy lifestyle habits, including getting adequate and high-quality sleep. By delivering products and services based on this approach, NEUTRALWORKS. aspires to be a store like no other, capable of fulfilling the needs of all athletes.

At NEUTRALWORKS., GOLDWIN will put all its strengths on display to enhance the growth potential of this totally innovative athletic business.

Address: HT Jingu-gaien Building
7-22 Kita-aoyama 2-chome
Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Phone: 03-6455-5961 (reservation line for NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS on the third floor: 03-6455-5964)
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (1F and 2F)
2F:NEUTRALWORKS.OUTDOOR Athletic wear, goods
3F:NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS Body maintenance
4F:NEUTRALWORKS.PRESS Press room and event space
Area: 6091 sq. ft. (1F: 1399 sq. ft. / 2F: 1568 sq. ft. / 3F: 1562 sq. ft. / 4F: 1562 sq. ft.)

Floor description


The selections of indoor and outdoor wear from NEUTRALWORKS. showcase brands marketed by GOLDWIN in Japan. Organized by key categories such as running, yoga, and lifestyle, the featured brands include THE NORTH FACE, C3fit, MXP, HELLY HANSEN, ellesse, DANSKIN, Speedo, and “Saturday in the park my favorite.”

You can choose from a wide spectrum of wear and goods to fulfill your needs in functionality, style, and versatility. Our staff are always ready to share their expertise and make helpful suggestions.

Also available are original logo wear and goods from NEUTRALWORKS. These basic and functional items are must-haves for all athletes (17 in total: one Unisex, three Men’s, five Women’s, eight Lifestyle Goods).


The first floor is home to NEUTRALWORKS.STAND, a cafe where healthy foods full of minerals and vitamins will prepare you for the next day’s workout. The cafe offers drinks and packaged meals that not only help you recover from exercise but also provide you with extra nutrients for maintaining a healthy, beautiful body.

The star of the menu is the Conditioning Smoothie. Satisfy your body’s immediate needs with your choice of “Charge ,” “Beauty,” or “Recovery.”

In addition to the cafe’s premium hydrogen water dispenser, a wide variety of other healthy drinks are also available, including coffee, herbal tea, organic fruit juice, and organic soymilk. Try one, and no doubt you will keep coming back for more!

Main menu items
Conditioning smoothie: CHARGE: 600 yen plus tax
BEAUTY: 600 yen plus tax
RECOVERY: 700 yen plus tax
Hydrogen water: Up to 1,000 ml: 200 yen plus tax
Up to 500 ml: 100 yen plus tax
* Special prices for guests who purchase original bottles or bring their own bottles.
Available between Friday, April 29, 2016 and Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

NEUTRALWORKS.STAND aspires to offer great foods and other items to help health-conscious and sophisticated sports enthusiasts live a healthy, stylish life.


Under the direction of Dr. Norinaga Shimizu, Doctor of Medicine and Professor Emeritus at Osaka Prefecture University, NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS showcase a great selection of services in areas such as “recovery,” “maintenance,” and “training.” The innovative services at NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS draw on the expertise of Dr. Shimizu in preventive medicine and sleep management to help your body maintain a natural balance. Services include low-oxygen training rooms, hydrogen therapy services, and personal stretching programs.

NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS will also offer products designed to facilitate high-quality sleep. To reserve, call 03-6455-5964.

1) Bio-PHOTON Body Check

Did you know that electric current runs through your body? We sometimes get “shocked” by static electricity when we touch a doorknob or shake hands with someone. Electrons are the source of this electricity.

Inside your body, all kinds of chemical reactions are occurring at the cellular level every day. In particular, electron activities play crucial roles in sustaining our lives. When electrons react chemically inside our cells, they emit a very faint light. The intensity of the light is said to be approximately one hundred millionth of the light of a firefly and is not visible to the naked eye.

By capturing this barely detectable light using GDV cameras and several types of analysis software, we are able to visualize the intensity of the energy of the body and its composition.

NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS will let you check your physical condition by obtaining your measurements and data using a GDV camera and analyzing them with special analysis software.

Menu: Body check: 30 min; 1,000 yen plus tax
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (registration closes at 19:30)

2) Hydrogen Therapy

NEUTRALWORKS’ hydrogen therapy services are provided by state-of-the-art, high-performance hydrogen generators.

Our bodies consist of approximately 60 trillion cells. Living organisms need energy in order to survive. Mitochondria in the cells serve as important sources of the energy by breaking down and digesting nutrients using oxygen.

However, free radicals are generated as byproducts of this energy extraction process. Hydrogen eliminates harmful free radicals from your body by converting them into water through a reduction mechanism, restoring the natural balance of your body.

Menu: Relaxation (hydrogen therapy): 60 min; 4,500 yen plus tax
Refresher (hydrogen therapy): 30 min; 3,000 yen plus tax
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00 (registration closes at 19:30 for the Refresher service)

3) OXYGEN with MIURA DOLPHINS: Hypoxic Chamber

Miura Dolphins, the team that provided hypoxic (low-oxygen) training to Yuichiro Miura in preparation for his ascent of Mt. Everest, will offer an effective performance-enhancement program in an oxygen-controlled chamber.

The altitude chamber at NEUTRALWORKS. can simulate a low-oxygen environment equivalent to altitudes of up to 4,000 m (approximately two-thirds of normal oxygen levels).

In a hypoxic environment, the level of oxygen saturation decreases, resulting in oxygen deficiency. Studies have shown that training in a low-oxygen environment enhances performance as a result of an increase in lung capacity and blood circulation, as well as a reduction in lactic acid accumulation. Its health benefits include improvements in lipid and glucose metabolism and the immune system.

Since a hypoxic environment puts more stress on your cardiovascular system than a sea-level environment, low-oxygen training is highly beneficial for post-injury rehabilitation, causing less stress on your muscles and joints. The altitude chamber at NEUTRALWORKS. will propose effective training programs suited to your needs.

Menu: Oxygen Check: 90 min; 10,000 yen plus tax
Hypoxia Training: 90 min; 6,000 yen plus tax
Hypoxia Training: 60 min; 4,000 yen plus tax
Business hours: 13:00 to 20:00; closed on Tuesdays
(Registration closes at 19:00 for the 60-min program, and at 18:30 for the 90-min program)

4) Your Personal Stretching Room: Relax and Reboot with Re.Ra.Ku

This personal stretching room was created with the goal of offering “the ultimate stretching routines of the athletes, by the athletes, for the athletes.” Its development was made possible by the guidance of Re.Ra.Ku, the relaxation studio with the most number of branches in Tokyo, as well as the experience and vision of professional skier Akira Sasaki.

The stretching programs were designed with the view that an athlete needs to not only recover from fatigue, but also completely reboot the body to achieve peak performance. The programs especially target the lower body, an area of focus for Sasaki and many other professional athletes.

The REBOOT stretching programs offer a wide variety of options to fulfill your needs, including the Quick Stretching Routine, which revitalizes your body in a short period of time; the Ultimate Reset Challenge, which literally resets your body when it’s drained from exercises and maximizes your performance; and the Ultimate Performance Challenge, which enhances your body’s capacity to maintain peak performance at all times. Athletes will enjoy access to ZERO-i, a stretching machine that incorporates an advanced spring mechanism. NEUTRALWORKS.’ ultimate stretching programs will reboot your body and unlock its potential.

Menu: Ultimate Performance Challenge: 60 min; 14,800 yen plus tax
Ultimate Reset Challenge: 40 min; 6,980 yen plus tax
Relaxing Stretching Routine: 40 min; 4,980 yen plus tax
Quick Stretching Routine: 15 min; 2,980 yen plus tax
Business hours: 11:00 to 20:00
(Registration closes at 19:30 for the 60-min Ultimate Performance Challenge, and at 20:00 for the rest)

5) Others

The third floor’s free display area showcases a supplements bar as well as a corner dedicated to sports- and health-related books and goods. This area is reserved for not only providing services but also offering and promoting products designed for a healthy and active lifestyle. The area also houses a shower room, amenities, rental wear/gear, a change room, and a hydrogen water dispenser available for customers using services on the floor.

Trivia: Hormesis effect
The tiles and other interior materials on the third floor of the building are made with crushed natural radium ore. The material provides health benefits comparable to those of bedrock and radon bathing, and the hormesis resulting from the material is effective for conditioning your body for exercise and refreshing your mind.


Located on the fourth floor of the building is the press room. Its mission is to promote projects for brands that are exclusively marketed by GOLDWIN and to communicate with members of the media. Such brands include THE NORTH FACE Performance Line, C3fit, MXP, HELLY HANSEN, ellesse, DANSKIN, Speedo, and “Saturday in the park my favorite.” The press room will operate as a base for providing the media the latest information on brands featured in each season. The press room will also be used to announce and host workshops organized by NEUTRALWORKS. with the goal of developing and enhancing markets for sporting goods and services.

Press room direct lines: TEL: 03-6455-5432 / FAX:03-6455-5436

■ Other services

With the grand opening of the new store, shoppers will also enjoy the convenience of NEUTRALWORKS.APP for iPhone and Android. The app will serve as a communication tool connecting NEUTRALWORKS. and its customers, delivering the latest information on NEUTRALWORKS., along with app-only content. Customers will be able to use the app to book services offered at NEUTRALWORKS.ROOMS on the third floor.

Shoppers visiting NEUTRALWORKS. for the first time cannot fail to miss GOLDWIN VISION, the store’s gigantic 8 m x 6.4 m LED display on the outside of the building. This state-of-the-art, high-resolution LED screen will provide larger-than-life images that will spark your imagination. From the images of great natural wonders that will transport you away from the hustle-bustle of city life, to inspiring sports action, GOLDWIN Vision will communicate the company’s belief in “Sports First*” and act as a window between the natural world and our lives.

* About “Sports First”:
GOLDWIN’s tagline, “Sports First,” represents its corporate philosophy of “creating a rewarding lifestyle through sports.” GOLDWIN has made it its mission to promote healthy, fun-filled lifestyles through athletic activities.