2019 Summer Journal #02 2019 Summer Journal #02

寺内元基 – 石川県(海洋研究者、木製サーフボードビルダー、家具デザイナー) GENKI TERAUCHI - Ishikawa (Oceanographer, Surfboard Builder, Furniture Designer)





When he finished making his very first surf board, Genki Terauchi returned to the point where he had entered the water for the very first time. It is a contemplative place for him. The Noto Cypress wood used to form his SUP board grows wild in the forest nearby. It weighs up to 20kg but feels light to ride, and catches waves quickly.

木製サーフボードづくりは1冊のマニュアルを100ドルで買うところから始まった。その後、マニュアルの著者であり、世界的な木製サーフボードビルダーPaul Jensen氏を日本に招き、千葉と地元・石川でワークショップを開催。Paul氏との交流はいまも続く。

Genki started building surfboards from wood after buying his first manual for $100. After that, he invited the author of that manual, the world-famous wooden surfboard builder Paul Jensen, to workshops in Japan ― both in Chiba and his hometown of Ishikawa. He stays in touch with Paul still today.



His studio is on the premises of his house. He uses the lumber from the hill behind his home in his furniture making as well. His wife, Akiko, maintains the well-kept garden.

家具製作の代表作「River Table」。ガラスが乗る部分の流れるような曲線が木の個性を引き立たせる。自身のサーフィンやスキー、スノーボードなどの経験から落ちてきたラインだそうだ。

In his work, his masterpiece is the “River Table.” The flowing curve of the glass partition in the table top accentuates the characteristics of the wood. It is a line that comes from his own experiences of surfing, skiing, and snowboarding.

寺内元基 – 石川県(海洋研究者、木製サーフボードビルダー、家具デザイナー)
寺内元基 – 石川県(海洋研究者、木製サーフボードビルダー、家具デザイナー)

left: CARDIGAN / TOP, Right: TOP

left: CARDIGAN / TOP, Right: TOP

1976年石川県生まれ。海洋研究者、木製サーフボードビルダー、家具デザイナー。(公財)環日本海環境協力センター 主任研究員/合同会社 GT Designs代表。大学卒業時に始めたサーフィンがきっかけとなり、メーカー勤務のサラリーマンから海の研究者へ転身する。海洋研究の傍ら、自然と一体となり最高の環境でサーフィンすることを追い求めた結果、その土地の上流の山の木でサーフボードを作りはじめる。大学時代に学んだ建築の知識を生かし、自宅敷地内に工房を設置し、木製サーフボードや家具製作を本格的に始め、2017年12月に合同会社GT Designsを設立。

Born in Ishikawa Prefecture in 1976. PhD (science) holder, wooden surfboard builder, furniture designer. Representative at GT Designs/Chief Researcher at Northwest Pacific Region Environmental Cooperation Center. Prompted by starting to surf when he graduated university, he changed from working as a regular employee at a manufacturer to being an oceanographer. On the sidelines of his ocean research, as a result of pursuing surfing in the ultimate environment at one with nature, he began making surfboards with wood from the mountains upstream from the land. Leveraging the architecture knowledge he learned in uni versity, he established GT Designs in December 2017 by building a studio on the premises of his home and beginning full-blown manufacturing of wooden surfboards and furniture.

2019年6月23日(日) Jun 23rd, 2019

写真: 中矢昌行
文章: メディアサーフコミュニケーションズ株式会社

Photographer: Masayuki Nakaya
Text: Media Surf Communications Inc.