• Q. 自己紹介をお願いします。
  • Q. 山にはどんな装備を持って行きますか?
  • Q. 意外と知らない重要なアイテムは何ですか?
  • Q. 山に入る前に必ず行う事は?
  • Q. レイヤリングの基本とその重要性は?
  • Q. メッセージをお願いします。
  • Q. Could you please tell us about yourself?
  • Q. What types of gear do you think people should take to the mountains?
  • Q. Are there any items that you think are important, but not everyone realizes that they are?
  • Q. What is the important thing people should do before climbing?
  • Q. Could you tell us the basics of layering clothes and its importance?
  • Q. What other advice would you like to give to others?

渡辺 佐智

Q. 自己紹介をお願いします。 Q. Could you please tell us about yourself?

こんにちは。登山ガイドの渡辺佐智です。さぁいよいよ夏山を楽しめる時期になってきました。 皆さん山行計画は進んでいますか?山をたっぷり楽しんだ後は、無事に家に帰る事が大切ですね。 山での事故が増えていますので、皆さんの安全登山の役に立てるように5つのアドバイスをお送り致します。

Hi, I am Sachi Watanabe. I work as a mountain guide. Isn’t it exciting that the mountain climbing season is about to begin? I wonder where you all are planning to climb. It is fun to climb up but it is equally important to come down safely. Accidents on the mountain are on the rise, so today I would like to give you five pieces of advice to help you have a safe climb.

Q. 山にはどんな装備を持って行きますか? Q. What types of gear do you think people should take to the mountains?



頭に付けると両手が自由になるので、暗くなった場合でも安全を確保し易いです。 それからバッテリーが重要です。必ず使用できる状態で持って行ってください。新しい電池ではない場合には変えて持って行くと良いと思います。

非常時に飲む水分、非常食」 非常時という事は、自分にストレスがかかってる状態ですので、その時に補給をしてクリアな頭で考える事が大切ですので是非持って行ってください。



もし登山に行く日の天気予報が晴れだったとしても防水のレインウェア上下は必ず持って行きましょう。 何かあった時にこの上下がある事によって、安全に下山ができるかどうか変わってきます。 晴れている日の風が強い日には、防風対策にもなりますので、おすすめです。

There are many items, but some are more important than others. You experience all sorts of conditions when you are in the mountains. Let's say you have almost reached the bottom of the mountain when the sun has already set. But with a headlamp you can still return safely. You might also get injured or get lost, which makes it hard to return as planned. In such cases, it is important to have proper gear to keep you warm and dry. You also need some water and emergency food.

Warm jackets
Make sure you take a proper jacket. You might think that it is not necessary sometimes, if it is a warm day. Even though you are warm while walking, you might start to feel cold after sweating, and that makes your body temperature go down. Having the right jacket makes a big difference in climbing, so make sure you take one in your backpack.

Wearing a headlamp is good as it allows the use of both of your hands which provides a greater degree of safety. Spare batteries are important. Make sure your headlamp has new batteries every time.

Emergency supply of water and food
One gets stressed in times of emergency. Water and food will help you think straight, so please make sure you take enough.

Trekking pants
It is important to wear pants which are comfortable and easy to walk in. For your safety, I recommend ones that are fitted around your ankles. That way you can more easily keep sight of your feet.

Trekking shoes
Ground conditions can be bad in some areas, so I recommend wearing proper trekking shoes, not sneakers. It is very important to wear ones that are just right for your feet. You wear them all day, so it is important to wear the right size.

Rain suits
Even when the forecast is sunny on the day of climbing, I recommend you take a water proof jacket and pants. Whether you have them or not will affect how safely you can climb down. Such rain suits are also highly recommended on a sunny but windy day.

Q. 意外と知らない重要なアイテムは何ですか? Q. Are there any items that you think are important, but not everyone realizes that they are?

皆さんお持ちだと思いますが、携帯電話です。これは山の中では非常時の連絡手段としてとても重要な役割をもってきます。そのとき使えるために防水対策されていないものに関しては、しっかりと防水対策をして、バッテリーも十分使える状態で持って行くのが必要です。実際、非常時に連絡をかけた場合に、バッテリーの残量というのはあっという間に無くなってしまいますので、残した状態でお願いします。 警察・消防に救助要請をする場合に携帯電話にGPS機能がついている場合にはONにしてから連絡をしましょう。そうすると受け取った側である程度の位置を特定してくれますので、有効です。 誰かに連れて行ってもらう登山だったとしても、必ず自分の地図は持ちましょう。もしはぐれてしまった場合にこの地図があるかないかで、下山できるかどうかが変わってきます。そのとき自分がどこにいるかわかる事がとても大切ですので、休憩の時に自分がいる現在地がどこかというのを確認しながら進んでいくといいと思います。

I am sure everyone has one these days, but it is the mobile phone. They play a major role in communication in case of emergency on the mountain. Make sure your mobile phone is protected from getting wet and has new batteries in it. In reality, batteries run out very quickly when you use them for an emergency. When you happen to be in such a situation and need to call for help, make sure your GPS function is on. GPS may help police/rescue teams locate roughly where you are. Even if you are accompanied by a friend or guide, make sure you take your own map. There is no guarantee that you will not get lost. It is a good idea to regularly locate where you are on the map when you have a rest.

Q. 山に入る前に必ず行う事は? Q. What is the important thing people should do before climbing?

計画はとても大切ですね。山での計画というのもあります。登山計画書を入山前に作成して提出してから行きましょう。何を書くかというと、入山するメンバーの情報、どういったルートで行くのか、もし何かあった場合のエスケープルート、全員で持って行く装備にはどういったものがあるのかが記入できるようになっています。これを登る山域の警察署に提出を致します。THE NORTH FACE のホームページからも提出ができます。コンパス オンライン登山届け

Having a climbing plan is very important. Make sure you make a plan and submit it before you start climbing. Your plan should contain information such as the names of the climbers, the planned route, an alternative route in case you need to change your plan, and what items you are carrying. The form needs to be submitted to the local police in charge of the area. You can also do the same through The North Face website.

Q. レイヤリングの基本とその重要性は? Q. Could you tell us the basics of layering clothes and its importance?

山の中では自分の身体を濡らさないウェアの着方が大切です。一つは雨から濡らさない事。 これは防水のアウターウェアを着る事で対策ができます。もう一つは自分の汗から身体を濡らさない事なんですが、ベースレイヤーからアウターウェアまで、うまく汗を逃がしてあげられるレイアリングを考えてください。

It is important you layer your clothes in a way that you stay dry on the mountain. First of all, stay dry from rain. To do that, you need waterproof outer wear. Second of all, stay dry from sweat. You need to put on layers of clothes which breathe easily.

Q. メッセージをお願いします。 Q. What other advice would you like to give to others?

コンパス オンライン登山届け
コンパス オンライン登山届け

Many accidents on the mountain occur when a person climbs alone. I recommend people climb in a group. Bring your fiends along and have a plan, and then have a safe journey.
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渡辺 佐智

渡辺 佐智


Mountain guide and backcountry guide throughout the year. Watanabe has appeared in a number of magazines and TV shows. She has a great store of knowledge about nature. She is also an accredited mountain guide of the Japan Mountain Guides Association, holding a level 2 certificate from the Japan Avalanche Network, is a Japanese Red Cross Society emergency paramedic, and has completed 90 hours of Wilderness First Aid. She is also a mountain guide for Fuji Yoshida City and an accredited mountain guide of the Oze Preservation Foundation.