2019 Summer Journal #06 2019 Summer Journal #06

ジョスラン・ランボ – 富山県(「ムッシュー・ジー」パティシエ) Josselin Rimbod – Toyama (「Monsieur J」Patissier)




Josselin Rimbod climbs the 559m-high Togariyama in Tateyama Town of Nakaniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture. Its name is “Togariyama,” but it is affectionately known as “Tongariyama” by the locals. It offers a sweeping view of the Tateyama Mountain Range from its summit. He climbs the mountain while enjoying the scenery of the trail and taking photographs.


He stops by “Tateyama Thunderbird,” a convenience store near Togariyama. It is famous among mountain climbers for its unique sandwiches and rice balls. It also has a complete selection of original goods, and the shop interior is full of sights.


Josselin’s shop, “Monsieur J.” Multicolored macarons line the display case ― a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach. A steady stream of customers visit the store immediately after it opens; the store’s popularity is growing.


Josselin Rimbod
From Vendée, France. At age 16, he entered the pastry business. He polished his skills at top hotels and restaurants in France, Italy, Denmark, and Canada. After that, he was pulled to the worldʼs leading five-starhotel in French Polynesia, and provided French flavor to customers of many different nationalities. He opened his business in Japan in 2013. He develops products with themes of local collaborations by using his experiences thus far and his sensibility as a French person, and clever use of Japanese ingredients. The over 20 varieties of macarons he makes are vividly-colored and delicious. All the varieties maximize the flavor of the ingredients, and are enjoyed by everyone, from men to women to even people who do not like sweets.

2019年7月31日(水) Jul 31, 2019

写真: 中矢昌行
文章: メディアサーフコミュニケーションズ株式会社

Photographer: Masayuki Nakaya
Text: Media Surf Communications Inc.