2019 Summer Journal #10 2019 Summer Journal #10

若岡拓也 – 福岡県(ランナー・ライター) TAKUYA WAKAOKA – Fukuoka (Runner, Writer)




Here, we are among the mountains near Takuya Wakaoka’s house ― his training ground. He runs at the same speed as on level ground. The same speed, ascending, descending, and in places without trails. While scanning the changing information underfoot, he instantly decides on the course to take and has an inexhaustible sense of curiosity.


This is Kouge Town in Chikujo District, Fukuoka Prefecture, where Takuya is currently based. It neighbors Nakatsu City in Oita Prefecture, and is bordered by the Yamakuni River. There is a gorge known as “Yaba Gorge,” just up midstream from the Yamakuni River. It has an expansive scenery where you can feel the power of nature in eroded lava plateaus.


Takuya’s pet dogs ― his training partners ― regularly accompany him on his runs. So much so that they look slightly out of place when out on a nor-mal walk. He currently lives with his two dogs, and spends his days writing for his work and training for races.

1984年生まれ、金沢市出身。元新聞記者。2014年に退職後、ブラジルのアマゾンを1週間かけて250km走るステージレース「ジャングルマラソン」に出場。食糧や衣類などの荷物10kgを背負ったまま、ジャングルを駆け抜け、完走を果たす。帰国後、福岡県の東端に位置する上毛町に引っ越し、15年7月から地域おこし協力隊として活動。ライターと兼業しつつ、国内外のステージレースで優勝、入賞するなど走り回っている。 17年8月から山小屋で生活している。

Born in 1984, in Kanazawa City. Former newspaper reporter. After retiring from journalism in 2014, Takuya Wakaoka entered a week-long “jungle marathon,” spanning 250km in the Amazon in Brazil. Carrying a 10kg pack of provisions and clothes on his back, he ran through the jungle and completed the race. After returning to Japan, he moved to Kouge Town, located in the easternmost part of Fukuoka Prefecture. In July 2015, he began working as a volunteer for regional migration. His second job is as a writer, and he runs while winning races in Japan and abroad and competing. In August 2017, he began to live in a mountain hut.

2019年8月20日(火) Aug 20, 2019

写真: 山田薫
文章: メディアサーフコミュニケーションズ株式会社

Photographer: Kaoru Yamada
Text: Media Surf Communications Inc.