2020 Spring - Summer NATURE DYE 菜の花 #01 2020 Spring - Summer NATURE DYE 菜の花 #01

NATURE DYE- 菜の花 2020 Spring - Summer NATURE DYE Nanohana #01




This season’s NATURE DYE series derives from five bright and lively colors. We visited Kamogawa City in Chiba Prefecture where one of those colors, nanohana, is being harvested. Upon arrival I could immediately feel the arrival of spring in the air, surrounded by both a rich rural landscape and cherry blossom trees that had started to turn the town pink.

25年前、当時48歳だった上野さんは都心からこの鴨川市へ拠点を移し、農業の学習からスタートした。 現在は農産物の生産・販売に加え、自家栽培した素材を取り入れた天然染料での草木染め、オーガニックハーブの蒸留、ハーブウォーター(化粧水)の製造・販売も行い、家族経営で農人舎を営んでいる。

The Nanohana blossoms this time were harvested by Mr. Harunori Ueno, representative of the Nojinsha, or “Farmer’s Home,” farm. 25 years ago, Mr. Ueno, who was 48 years old at the time, moved from the Tokyo metropolitan area to Kamogawa City and started learning agriculture and farming. Currently, in addition to producing and selling agricultural products, he also does plant-based dying using materials he cultivates himself, distills organic herbs, manufactures and sells herbal waters and lotions, and runs the Nojinsha family-owned farm.


Nojinsha was originally a factory. The farm was created by converting and remodeling the area where the factory’s materials were being stored. Mr. Ueno began to study dyeing with plants and herbs by himself, while the conversion and remodeling were ongoing. He now holds plant-based dyeing workshops for children and also offers consultation for how to learn about and experience nature.


The “Nojin,” or “Farmer,” part of Nojinsha’s name comes from the book “Nojin Nikki,” which was written by astronaut and journalist Toyohiro Akiyama. The name came to Mr. Ueno when he visited Mr. Akiyama himself, and at the entrance to the farm there is a signboard with “Nojinsha” written in old-style Chinese characters.

2020年5月24日(日) May 24, 2020

写真: ナタリー・カンタクシーノ
映像: 小丸直樹
文章: メディアサーフコミュニケーションズ株式会社

Photographer: Nathalie Cantacuzino
Cinematographer: Naoki Komaru
Text: Media Surf Communications Inc.