Dialogue with Nature #06 Dialogue with Nature #06

「春の訪れ - ミツバ岳」 鈴木優香 Spring has arrived - Mitsuba-dake - Yuka Suzuki




A dense cedar forest, speckled with blossoming mitsumata (Edgeworthia chrysantha) flowers. The leafless branches blend into the surroundings, and only the round, cream-colored flowers appear to be suspended in mid-air.


The sweet fragrance of mitsumata flowers sometimes drifts through the air, followed by the fresh scent of the cedar trees. As an undertone, a tint of the nostalgic smell of dampened earth.


Mitsuba-dake is a mountain located north of Lake Tanzawa, and many climbers of the mountain visit from late March to early April when the mitsumata are in bloom.


Amidst what seemed like the never-ending cedar forest that continued from the trailhead, I suddenly noticed a brightening of the area and stopped to look around. After walking on fallen leaves of beech and maple trees, we reached the summit of Mitsuba-dake.


On the gently sloping and spacious summit was a cluster of mitsumata in full bloom that day. The whole area became a sea of cream color, and people walked through it as if they were wading through waves. Most visitors were satisfied at this point and headed back the way they came, but we decided to continue to Hosokawabashi by way of Mt. Gongen.


Shortly after leaving the busy summit to begin our descent, we again came across a cluster of mitsumata. But something was different this time. The way they were adding color to the colorless beech forest was a sight to behold. The mitsumata bushes lining the desolate path, which is typical of Tanzawa, looked much stronger and more beautiful.


It was like a ray of light, announcing the coming of spring. The long winter is over, and a beautiful new season is beginning.


【Our route this time】Asase Iriguchi bus stop→ Mt. Mitsuba (Oteyama, 834m) → Mt. Gongen (1018m) →Nihonsugi Pass → Hosokawabashi bus stop
Course time: Approximately 4.5 hours

W 200 OASIS LS HALF ZIP (color: K)
W 150 ZONE LS CREWE (color: K)

【Items worn】
W 200 OASIS LS HALF ZIP (color: K)
W 150 ZONE LS CREWE (color: K)

山岳収集家。大学院卒業後はアウトドアメーカーに入社し、商品企画・デザインを手がける。2016年に独立し、山で見た景色をハンカチに仕立ててゆくプロジェクト「MOUNTAIN COLLECTOR」を開始。山と旅をライフワークとしながら、写真・デザイン・執筆などを通じた表現活動を続けている。

Yuka Suzuki
After graduating from graduate school, she joined an outdoor manufacturer, where she worked on product planning and design, before going independent in 2016 and starting her own project, "MOUNTAIN COLLECTOR," in which she makes handkerchiefs from the scenery she sees in the mountains. She continues to express herself through photography, design, and writing, with mountains and travel as her life's work.

2022年4月28日(木) Apr 28, 2022


Photo & Text: Yuka Suzuki